Fine art, sculptures, and image galleries compliment the aircraft and vehicles in exhibits throughout Fagen Fighters WWII Museum.

bronze sculpture of triple ace col. c.e. "bud" anderson of the 357th fighter group

photo and art gallery in the trainer hangar

artist david reiser applies details to an upcoming wall mural

a collection of signed prints from col. c.e. anderson adorns the library staircase.

This feature exhibit depicts bronze sculptures of the 4th Infantry landing at Utah Beach on D-Day. Ray Fagen leads 12 men from the "Ivy" Division onto the 80 foot beach, which is comprised of real sand from the actual landing site in Normandy, France. The scene is completed with a stunning mural of the invasion armada and landing troops.

The center aisle of the Fighter Hangar is a perfect showcase for 18 signed art prints donated by Ed and Connie Bowlin. Each frame houses iconic images of some of the most famous aviators of all time and the aircraft they flew. Each piece is hand signed by those aviators in pencil, making this truly a rare and special exhibit.

Hand painted murals by acclaimed artist David Reiser span the 20-foot walls with dramatic scenes from WWII.