Part of our mission to Preserve History includes capturing and preserving on video the stories and memories of our remaining WWII veterans. The deeds of the Greatest Generation during the war protected our way of life and ensured the United States' security. Even to this very day, our shores have remained safe, due largely to the overwhelming victory achieved during WWII. The stories shown here are a tribute to not only those telling them, but to all who served during that time, both in the military and at home.


Arvid Erickson
Medic, 407th Medical Group
New Guinea
In his own words, medic Arvid Erickson describes his experiences in World War II. Drafted at 22, Arvid candidly discusses his military career in this fascinating personal account.

From his primary training in Ft. Snelling, MN to his entry into the Medical Corps in California, and his deployment to Milne Bay, New Guinea at General MacArthur’s headquarters, he recounts in detail the life of a battlefield medic.

His recount of his return home after the war and his years since is equally compelling, solidy confirming the ethics and values that make his truly The Greatest Generation.
arvid erickson - wwii medic

Joe Shea
Pilot, 357th Fighter Group
Leiston, England
From a small town in Iowa to the embattled skies over Germany, WWII fighter pilot Joe Shea tells the story of his time serving with the 357th Fighter Group.

Joe enlisted right out of high school, and knew he wanted to be a pilot. He recounts his PT-19 and BT-13 training in Texas and Florida, then on to England after a close call with German U-boats while enroute.

He tells of his days in England, combat missions as a P-51 pilot, and even the odd story of how he and the 357th became known as “The Yoxford Boys”.
Joe Shea - P-51 Fighter Pilot